With our speciality ingredients your favourite

Confectioneries, Biscuits and Bakery products, Beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), Snacks, Ice Creams, Jellies, Culinary Products, Fried Products, Dairy products, Chewing Gums, Breads, Pickles, Flavours and Seasonings taste just the way you like them.

Apart from Food and Nutrition Products, our speciality ingredients and chemicals are also an integral part of an array of industries.

Automobiles, Textiles, Paints and Inks, Pharmaceuticals, Fragrances, Electroplating, Leather Auxiliaries, Home and Personal Care Products, Industrial Cleaning and Sanitization, Agro Chemicals, Foundry Resins, Ethoyxlates and many more technical industries use our speciality ingredients and chemicals.

  • Bakery & Biscuits

    • Solutions for Control and Customisation of Dough as per client requirements, improvement in texture and colour in baked products using Enzymes, Acidulants and other ingredients we offer. Solutions to improve texture of Cake and increase shelf life and volume.
  • Confectionery

    • Solutions for Hard-Boiled Candies, Soft Candies, Chewies, Chewing Gums and similar products to manage and reduce sugar inversion, enhancing flavour profile, reduce stickiness and thus extend shelf life of confectionery. Also, we offer glazing and whitening agents.
  • Dairy

    • Solutions for Fermented Milk Products using our starter Cultures, Veg Rennet and Cultures for Cheese making and various other dairy applications like Ice Creams, Smoothies, Milkshakes and so on.
  • Beverages

    • Solutions for the Alcoholic as well as Non-Alcoholic Beverages such as Acidulants for enhancing flavour profile, masking off taste from Artificial Sweeteners, Enzymes for Juices and Beer applications.
  • Flavours & Fragrances

    • Ingredients like Speciality Chemicals, Aroma Chemicals and ingredients for developing various Flavours and Fragrances. We have natural essential Oils, their folds and blends for flavour optimisation.
  • Culinary & Seasoning

    • Solutions for Sauces, Dressings, Condiments and Seasonings to boost flavour profile, control acidity, create preservation without affecting taste, reduce sodium levels in such products or even thicken your products using our ingredients.
  • Leather & Textile Auxillaries

    • Solutions used for Salting, Descaling, Tanning, Dyeing and Greasing in the Leather and Textile Auxillary industries. Speciality Additives for blends of chemicals in these industries are also available.
  • Paint & Coatings

    • High performance pigment solutions for Automotive Paints, protective coatings, marine coatings and powder based coatings
  • Electroplating

    • Solutions for pH regulation and Metal sequestration helping for co-precipitation. Additives for speciality blends for delivering precision in applications.
  • Animal & Poultry Feed

    • Solutions for improving health, prevention of Hypocalcaemia and Mastitis, improve feed intake, gut health and digestion.
  • Disinfectant & Cleaning

    • Solutions to address CIP cleaning, Industrial cleaning, Institutional cleaning especially in those industries and places were food and human touch is involved.
  • Home & Personal Care

    • Solutions for Home Care Cleaning products and additives for Personal Care for whitening, glazing, thickening etc.