Silica Gel in Oil Refining

Different types of silica products can be used in personal care products, surface coatings, beer clarification and have few other applications. Silica gel is often used for purification purposes of edible and other types of oils. Oils and fats derived from different plant and animal...


Modified potato starches in cheese

Using potato based starches in cheese products as substitutes for more expensive ingredients is an easy way to cut ingredient costs as well as production and manufacturing costs. A lot of companies are taking this route to cut down costs since potato starch does not...

Lactose-free product

Lactose – Free Products

Most dairy products naturally contain a kind of sugar called lactose. Not everyone can easily digest lactose containing milk. Lactose Intolerance is caused when your body is unable to breakdown lactose into glucose and galactose and hence may cause digestive problems such as bloating and...


Natural preservation by using vinegar in foods

With the current natural and clean label trends, consumers are more aware of ingredients, chemical preservatives, allergens, especially when buying processed food. This means consumers are checking food product labels and ingredients lists carefully before they buy it. Consumer demands for cleaner ingredients while improving...


KMC specialty starches for sugar confectionery

Modified potato starch is a great addition to different food products such as dressings, snacks, confectionery, cheese and bakery products because of its numerous benefits not only for the end consumer, but also for the companies that use it as an ingredient. MK Ingredients deals...