KMC specialty starches for sugar confectionery

KMC specialty starches for sugar confectionery

Modified potato starch is a great addition to different food products such as dressings, snacks, confectionery, cheese and bakery products because of its numerous benefits not only for the end consumer, but also for the companies that use it as an ingredient. MK Ingredients deals with speciality chemicals and is a food ingredients distributor in Mumbai, providing the highest quality ingredients to its clients. KMC supplies us with high quality potato based specialty starches, extracted from Danish potatoes and are non-GMO and non-allergenic, halal and kosher certified.

A lot of people in India are vegetarians, and hence may avoid candies which have gelatin in it. Incorporating modified potato starch instead of gelatin will make it suitable for vegetarians. Besides being used as a sole gelling agent in jelly confectionery, KMC specialty starches can be used to partially replace/complement gelatin in gummy type candies where softer, less chewy/less elastic texture is desired. Here the potato starches are particularly suitable due to their high clarity and elasticity in cooked form versus starches from other sources.

The market for vegetarian products is growing, and people are paying more attention to what they consume, hence this can be an opportunity to produce vegetarian candy by complete replacement of gelatin by KMC specialty starches. If people see potato starch as an ingredient on a product label, as compared to gelatin, they will feel they are consuming a product with simpler ingredients that they recognize.

Candy makers often like to experiment with and try out new textures to add to their products to make them more appealing to consumers and potato starch can help with that. KMC specialty starches can help manufacturers to obtain customized texture from soft to hard and elastic to brittle for gum and jelly type confectionery.  Moreover, modified potato starch can be a cost effective alternative to expensive gelling agents such as gelatin and pectin.

KMC specialty starches can be used in baked goods as well. It is suitable for gluten-free baking and since it has a neutral taste and color, it will not impact the flavor and appearance of cakes and other baked products.

Why choose MK Ingredients for modified potato starch and other specialty baking and confectionery ingredients?

MK Ingredients is a baking enzymes supplier and food additives distributor in India and provides only the highest quality ingredients to its clients so that they can manufacture the best possible products for consumers. MK Ingredients can help you improve the flavors and textures of your products and extend their shelf life. MK Ingredients has a lot of experience in their field and provide technical support to their clients to meet their every need. Check out the MK Ingredients website to see how you can get the best ingredients for all your products!


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