Lactose – Free Products

Lactose-free product

Lactose – Free Products

Most dairy products naturally contain a kind of sugar called lactose. Not everyone can easily digest lactose containing milk. Lactose Intolerance is caused when your body is unable to breakdown lactose into glucose and galactose and hence may cause digestive problems such as bloating and uneasiness. An enzyme called lactase helps humans break down and digest lactose found in milk and other dairy products into smaller sugars that are more easily digested by the intestinal tracts. Manufacturers can add the enzyme lactase to their products to break down the lactose molecules and make the product lactose-free.

Companies have been working towards making lactose-free products to make their products suitable for a larger audience. Lactose free dairy products have all the benefits of regular dairy products like cow’s milk and yogurt and since they are naturally sweeter than regular dairy products, companies can reduce the amount of sugar they add to lactose-free products. This helps customers to consume less sugar and fewer calories and helps manufacturers reduce their spending on sugar that is added to lactose-free products. Using superior quality enzymes in lactose-free products helps to maintain a neutral taste to the product without any unpleasant aftertaste of lactase. Another benefit of lactose-free products is that they have slightly less saturated fat than regular dairy products. Lactose-free milk is pasteurized at a very high temperature to remove any bacteria from it and so it has a longer shelf life than regular milk. This works in the favour of manufacturers since their product can stay in stores longer before they go bad.

Ice creams, milkshakes, milk and other dairy products can all be made lactose free by using enzymes such as lactase so that even people who have issues digesting lactose can enjoy them. Catering to customer needs and making cleaner products will help your brand gain customer loyalty and succeed in the market. Using good quality ingredients sourced from reliable manufacturers and distributers is one of the most crucial aspects involved in making of higher quality products. If you currently manufacture lactose-free products or are looking into adding lactose-free products in your product line, then MK Ingredients is a reliable supplier of enzymes needed for such products. We are a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and ingredients for both food and non-food industries and we also provide technical support to our clients. Check out our website for ingredients catering to industries food & beverage, automobiles, textiles, fragrances and industrial cleaning & sanitization to name a few.


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