Modified potato starches in cheese

Modified potato starches in cheese

Using potato based starches in cheese products as substitutes for more expensive ingredients is an easy way to cut ingredient costs as well as production and manufacturing costs. A lot of companies are taking this route to cut down costs since potato starch does not alter the taste, texture or appearance of the cheese.

High quality imitation cheese products can be made by switching out part of the ingredients such as rennet casein and using modified potato starch along with the other ingredients. Mk Ingredients is a leading food additives distributor in India and caters to a wide range of industries. MK Ingredients distributes specialty potato based starches from KMC to provide superior quality ingredients to manufactures in India. KMC supplies us with high quality potato based starches from organic and non -GMO potatoes. Their specialty ingredients can be used in various imitation and processed cheese products to bring down costs and make special product lines to meet various diet requirements and customer demands. Vegan and vegetarian cheese can be made by replacing milk proteins with potato starch and removing dairy ingredients. Veganism is a growing trend in the food industry right now and introducing a vegan or imitation cheese line in your product range may help boost your sales and help target niche consumer markets.

KMC’s CheeseMaker starch ingredient options can be used for customizing and creating different textures and forms of cheese. Implementing potato starch into the process makes the cheese firmer and easy to grate and increases the overall melting properties. Their ingredients are suitable to make variations like block cheese, cheese spreads and even casein-free cheese products, to name a few. Because they can be easily accommodated in the manufacturing and production processes and they replace more expensive ingredients, they are a good alternative to traditional cheese ingredients. Potato starch is relatively healthy and helps to achieve a clean ingredient label for your food products, which is always a plus.

MK Ingredients is a specialty ingredients supplier and distributor in India offering the best in class materials for their clients to help them manufacture superior quality products for their customers. We work with global principals to bring new and innovative solutions for all types of industries and product categories. If you are looking for modified potato starch for the cheese making process, then do check out our website for more details on the different ingredients and chemicals available. Besides the food industry we also cater to the automobile, fragrance and flavor, personal care, industrial cleaning & sanitization and pharmaceutical industry, amongst others.


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