Natural preservation by using vinegar in foods

Natural preservation by using vinegar in foods

With the current natural and clean label trends, consumers are more aware of ingredients, chemical preservatives, allergens, especially when buying processed food. This means consumers are checking food product labels and ingredients lists carefully before they buy it. Consumer demands for cleaner ingredients while improving overall product stability, taste and freshness is getting very challenging for the food industry. We at MK ingredients understand our clients’ constant need to innovate and deliver products best suited for their consumers. That is why we work with principals all over the world to bring you the highest quality clean ingredients for your formulation needs.
We supply vinegar which finds extensive application in sauces & condiments, dips, ready to cook pastes and many more products. Vinegar is produced by fermentation, a well-known ‘traditional’ manufacturing method with long history in many cultures. Vinegars are all natural, label friendly clean ingredients that keep food safe by suppressing the growth of pathogens and a wide range of spoilage bacteria. Vinegar is a source of acetic acid that is very effective against spoilage organisms and pathogens and is commonly used in Natural and Clean Label processed foods. Since bacteria cannot survive in vinegar, it is a great natural cleaning liquid as well and can be used as a household cleaning product. These vinegars are available in liquid as well as powder form.
Food and beverage companies focus on making their products last as long as possible so that they can last longer in stores and can be sold to a customer even after a few months or years. This requires adding various chemicals in the food which customers may not be familiar with. Our natural vinegars enable product development with potential solutions to control the potential loss in product stability, extend the shelf life of products while maintaining the taste of the product. If used in ready to cook foods for preservation, vinegar will not drastically change the taste of the sauce or dip and hence companies do not have to worry about that aspect.
Using natural ingredients in foods helps to attract more consumers since everyone would love to have food products with less or no added chemical preservatives that not only extend shelf life but are also great for adding flavor to their meals. If you want to make your condiments & seasonings, sauces and dressings more shelf stable, boost flavor profiles, reduce sodium levels or thicken your products, MK Ingredients has solutions for all of the above. We are also an aroma chemicals supplier in Mumbai and can help to develop flavors and fragrances. We also work with clients in the disinfectant & cleaning industry and in the Home & Personal care industry. MK Ingredients is one of the most reliable food ingredients distributors in India and you can check out our website to know more about what kind of specialty chemicals we deal in and the vast array of industries we cater to.


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