Silica Gel in Oil Refining

Silica Gel in Oil Refining

Different types of silica products can be used in personal care products, surface coatings, beer clarification and have few other applications. Silica gel is often used for purification purposes of edible and other types of oils. Oils and fats derived from different plant and animal sources need to be purified and refined to remove any unwanted particles that may negatively affect its appearance or taste. As one of the leading speciality chemicals distributors in India, MK Ingredients always strives to work with the best Principals across the world to provide the highest quality ingredients for their clients. We at MK Ingredients work with PQ Corporation for their silica gel based products they specialize in, Sorbsil and Britesorb.

Silica is considered safe for human consumption and can be used as a food additive if used in very small quantities. Silica has good absorbent properties; you may have seen small silica packets with new product packaging to prevent any moisture from developing. It helps to refine and remove impurities and contaminants from edible oil and is widely used by the oil refining industry. Silica can be used as an adsorbent in the refining process since there is high moisture content within the silica structure which attracts impurities from the oil. Each silica particle acts as a tiny sponge and helps filter the oil of impurities such as soaps or trace metals. Silica hydrogels also finds its application in the purification of biofuel feedstocks. Using silica gel in oil refining helps companies and suppliers maintain high quality of their products and in some cases it may help to reduce costs as well.

Certain forms of silica gel, such as PQ Corporation’s Britesorb Silica gel powder are not only used in the edible oil industry, but are also used in the brewing industry. When used to chillproof beer, silica gels do not impact the flavour, colour or smell of the beer and can be used for beer stabilization. Silica hydrogel is non- hazardous and environmentally friendly.
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